Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

  • Reduce IT expenditure
  • Work from anywhere
  • Use 30% less energy
  • Almost unlimited storage
  • Improve workforce collaboration

Cloud computing refers to data switching and storage which are hosted by a third-party outside of the organisation using them, and accessed over the internet. Where, in the past, applications or programs were generally run on a physical computer or server in the same building as the user; Cloud computing allows businesses to access the same kinds of applications over the internet, without the initial and ongoing investment in hardware and software. It also offers a secure location for data storage with simple backup and recovery capabilities. Cloud computing is a service based (as opposed to a product based) delivery method for all your business communications and is a solution which is growing in popularity, especially amongst SMEs.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cost efficient - predictable expenditure

Traditional, 'on premise' IT solutions require an initial outlay and an ongoing investment for both hardware and software requirements. Cloud computing incurs minimal project start-up costs and provides predictable on-going operating expenses. Additionally, there are numerous scalable options available, including one-time payment and pay-as-you-go, making the adoption of Cloud computing extremely affordable for business users.

Reliable Storage and Backup

Storing your data in the Cloud also offers reliable protection of your critical files. Whereas an offline option for storage and backup relies on a physical device, online options frequently involve files being stored on redundant networks with multiple server locations. Backups are simplified and your data is protected in the event of server or power failure.

Fast, flexible deployment

Cloud computing gives you the advantage of quick deployment. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, your entire system could be fully operational in a matter of a few minutes. The Cloud model is also particularly flexible; users and system options can be added or removed as required, to meet your specific demands.


Understandably, there is apprehension surrounding the decision to move your critical business data away from the comfort of your own server room - but the reality is that storing your data off-site (rather than on premise) is extremely likely to make it more secure, not less. Specialist data centres offer the resilience and redundancy to ensure that your critical business systems are always available.


The Cloud allows smaller businesses access to enterprise-class technology, without significant initial or on-going infrastructure or capital investment.

Work from anywhere

You can access your files from anywhere there is an internet connection. This conveniently lets you move beyond time zone and location issues to provide a flexible working environment.

Collaborative working

Cloud computing simplifies collaboration between colleagues. With files stored in a central location, users can upload, comment and collaborate on a central copy of a document, improving efficiency.

Environmentally friendly

Businesses using Cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. A Cloud solution results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers.

Whether you are considering Cloud based computing, co-location or software as a service - our team can analyse the benefits of Cloud options in direct relation to your business.

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