5 Ways Your Telephony Systems Are Costing Your Business

Friday, 06 April 2018

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Fact: Legacy systems are costing you money, and these costs are only going to increase the longer it takes to switch over to more modern, unified and flexible communication systems.

Even when older systems still work, on-site PBX (private branch exchanges) are increasingly at risk from failing. Sourcing spare parts and engineers capable of fixing them will get more difficult, and expensive. Not investing now will cost more in the future.

If you’ve not switched over to high-speed fibre broadband or another up-to-date alternative, you soon won’t have a choice, with networks no longer supporting ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) after 2025. Customers and staff need to work with companies that support modern, faster communication channels; your businesses depend on this, now more than ever.

If this sounds like scaremongering, it’s not. Below are five ways your legacy telephony systems are costing your business.

Legacy Telephony Systems: Bottom Line and Intangible Costs
#1: Higher running costs Compared with modern solutions, such as SIP - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) - trunking, an Internet-based service that connects Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) customers to traditional phone networks, PBX systems are expensive. Similar to the cost of keeping servers on-site instead of the cloud, you have all of the hardware and maintenance to include in the budget.

#2: Reduced flexibility Businesses that need to move, expand, or need another office/site, can scale more easily with cloud-based systems. The same is true if your headcount goes up or down. Unified Communications offer the kind of flexibility that is more expensive and time consuming with legacy technology.

#3: Missing out on savings Telephony systems that aren't compatible with modern technology also have higher operating costs. New phone systems can take advantage of lower voice, video and data costs, which means you can save even more over the year.

#4: Vulnerable systems Out-dated systems, with less sophisticated security, are more vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. We saw that with the WannaCrypt - ransomware - an attack that crippled the NHS earlier this year and the more recent Petya attack.

#5: Unable to cope with demand Customers want quick responses, irrespective of the communication channel they use: phone, instant message, social media, email, or web chat. Front-line staff need access to CRM systems so that they can trace the contact history, which is normal in most medium to large companies. But these systems are only effective when the technology connecting staff to customers - and one another - is equally up-to-date; otherwise you end up with unhappy customers and frustrated staff.

Considering these costs, maintaining legacy systems can seem like a costly endeavour. Switching to modern, Unified Communications technology and services is smarter, better for customers and staff, and cheaper.

To find out more and discuss your requirements, contact our team. We would be delighted to talk you through the options and crunch the figures to see what savings your business could actually get.

Cheat sheet: Migrating from ISDN to SIP – A Roadmap download.

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