On Premises vs. Cloud: Telecoms for Businesses

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

As invaluable as we find email, there is nothing as simple as picking up the phone and calling a client or supplier.

Customers feel better too, knowing they can call and place an order, or get an update on a project. Despite dozens of new ways to connect and contact one another, phones are still an essential part of doing business. AlI-powered Facebook Messenger bots will never replace telephony-based customer service.

However, there are aspects of business communications that are going through a much-needed overhaul. Legacy telephony infrastructure can't keep up with modern needs and evolving working patterns and trends. Gartner estimates that "Cloud telephony spending is expected to surpass on-premise telephony during 2017 [and they are] . . . projected to rise to $13.25 billion in 2019."

Benefits of Cloud Telephony
On-site PBX (private branch exchange) are increasingly at risk of failing. Downtime costs money. Businesses can't afford for phones to go down, especially when potential customers want to pick up the phone and place an order or resolve an issue. It damages reputations and impacts the bottom line.

PBX systems aren't easy to repair, especially when spare parts are in short supply. They can't always meet the needs of remote workers who still need a direction connection to the office telephony network. Adding and removing users isn't always easy either, especially when your business needs multiple PBX units hosted across several sites, all connected to the same primary landline number.

In comparison, cloud telephony doesn't involve further capital expenses for the business. Hosting, updates, management and security are all in the hands of the cloud telephony provider. Support is provided 24/7; with data centres keen to ensure up time is as close to 100% as possible. Security is paramount, with numerous physical and cyber measures in place to prevent hacking and cyber-attacks threatening your business and consumer data.

Compared to on-premises telephony, you can scale up and down as needed - depending on your permanent and flexible headcount - with telephony partners easily able to add new users. Costs scale up and down as needed too, so you don't need to worry about paying for more than you need. Disaster recovery is built into the systems cloud providers design so that your business is prepared and able to move quickly if the unexpected should happen.

Cloud-based telephony systems come with numerous other benefits, from professional hold music to call recording and performance analytics. These are some of the many reasons cloud solutions are proving so popular across multiple sectors. Businesses everywhere are more effective when they move systems to the cloud, increasing efficiencies and reducing fixed overheads and the burdens of operating legacy technology.

Moreover, and a key reason that many businesses have already migrated to cloud solutions, is call costs. Typically, these are lower than legacy systems both for national calls and international calls, and calls to mobiles.

There are also many benefits for businesses with remote workers or staff that spend time offsite. Their mobiles can integrate into the office phone systems, ensuring they secure access to company systems and data.

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Cheat sheet: Migrating from ISDN to SIP – A Roadmap download.

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